Tetsuo animated videoclip

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De opdracht

Amsterdam-based dutch rapper Yung Nnelg asked us to do a videoclip inspired by the reknown anime 'Akira'.

Mijn rol

Director, animator, illustrator, producer and overseer.


A 6-month long monster of a project. Yet a necessary evil to showcase my ability as an illustrator/animator and director. Undeniably this clip had giving my team and I a lot

Dit is een collab met

Rick Imambaks
Illustration • Graphic Design • Animation

Mickey Cohen

Over mij

Named after an infamous Chicago-area gangster. I'm an Illustrator and animator by trade. Absurdism and surrealism are frequently found throughout my work. Commercially i work on cover-artwork, graphics and videoclips. In my personal work i like derailing and shocking the viewer, make them think.


Digital and traditional drawing/painting
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