Ronnie Flex Liveshow Visuals

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De opdracht

After working on Ronnie Flex album-art and animations in March 2018 we got to expand the anime universe for his AFAS liveshow in December.

Mijn rol

At the helm again I oversaw the project while working on animated loops and assets. Also making merchandise and outsourcing typography to designer Thomas de Regt


A tribute to everything anime, packed with inspiration from shows both our teams and Ronnie's loves. A pretty streamlined and clear production
Grafisch ontwerp
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Mickey Cohen

Over mij

Named after an infamous Chicago-area gangster. I'm an Illustrator and animator by trade. Absurdism and surrealism are frequently found throughout my work. Commercially i work on cover-artwork, graphics and videoclips. In my personal work i like derailing and shocking the viewer, make them think.


Digital and traditional drawing/painting
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